The Thrill and Excitement
of Your Creative Experiences
“Waku Waku”

The Spirit of Roland is captured in the following phrases,
which have remained unchanged since the founding
of our company in 1972:

- Inspire the Enjoyment of Creativity
- Be the BEST Rather Than the BIGGEST
- Cooperative Enthusiasm for All Stakeholders

Our mission is not just to produce simple tools but to provide people
across the world with the “Thrill and Excitement of Creative Experiences”
which surprise, delight, and stir the soul through our expertise in technology.

As a fan of Roland, you can count on us to give our best every day,
to strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of our business,
and to thrill you with creative possibilities beyond your imagination.

In Japan when we think of Thrill and Excitement we say, “Waku Waku.”
Roland promises to share a lot of “Waku Waku” with you in the future.